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leak proof bed wetting pads for kids

Incog-Neato Bed protectors soak up bedwetting accidents, so sheets stay dry. Simply lay the bed protector over the bottom sheet. Kids love the soft quilted flannel and the colorful patters. When an "accident" happens, just take the Incog-Neato off the bed and toss it in the washing machine.

Parents Love Us, Kids Love Us
Most bed protectors look like bed protectors. They're big and white and medical looking and they make kids feel self-conscious. Incog-neato are bed protectors in disguise.No one but you and your child will know why they're there.

Lots of uses
Incog-neatos have dozens of other applications, too. Put one anywhere a wet bottom might end up, whether i's from an accident, or a wet bathing suit. They're also great as dog beds, changing pads, baby mats and even as wheelchair protectors. Incog-Neatos come in Big (19"x15" chair size), Bigger (32" x 34") and Really Big (36" x 42").

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